A team of professionals

Corrêa e Corrêa Engineering has been deepening its investments in the staff, aiming to adapt it in terms of quantity, quality and training to the new challenges that are presented year by year. It has also promoted the standardization and improvement of the effectiveness of its internal processes and customer relations, which contributes to the company’s evolution. Corrêa e Corrêa Engenharia is moving towards an integrated management system that will highlight not only its commitment to quality, but also to safety and the environment.
  • Electrical Engineers;
  • Mechanical Engineer;
  • Work safety engineer;
  • Electronic technician;
  • Mechanic projectist;
  • Mechanical technician;
  • Industrial Welders;
  • Locksmiths specialized in the areas of Industrial Maintenance;
  • Rolling mills;
  • Boilers;
  • Industrial painters;
  • Refractory (Industrial Ovens);
  • Maintenance mechanic;
  • Mechanical Assembler;
  • Complete administration: HR, Financial, Commercial, Accounting and Supplies.

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