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Industrial Maintenance

Corrêa Engenharia is a company specialized in providing services to the industry through the support of our staff.

Transport and Downloads

The company has invested in technology for the heavy machinery loading, transport and unloading service.

Machine Movement

Industrial layout changes or new industrial plant with planning and security, we prepare plans for moving.

Our story

Corrêa e Corrêa Engenharia has a complete infrastructure, with first-rate tools and equipment to perform industrial maintenance on company equipment.

We have a direct assistance service with specialized personnel to support corporate maintenance services, both curative and preventive.


Why choose Corrêa & Corrêa Engenharia?


We are a company concerned with sustainability and economy, so we work with our customers, modifying parts that could become disposal / scrap in goods and equipment again.


We operate in the main and best industries of the city of Sorocaba and region and to stay competitive, the company aims to improve products, services and processes, making it better and better.


We work with a specialized service team, where together with the client we develop a prototype for testing, evaluation and after approval we start the series work.


Our projects are helping customers meet process time / cost reduction goals by assisting and tailoring for INDUSTRIA 4.0.

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