About Us

About Us

Corrêa e Corrêa Engenharia has a complete infrastructure, with first-rate tools and equipment to perform industrial maintenance on company equipment.

We have a direct assistance service with specialized personnel to support corporate maintenance services, both curative and preventive.

More than just fixing faults, this service aims to minimize damage to stationary equipment. That’s why Corrêa e Corrêa Engenharia has qualified professionals who are committed to doing agile work that really makes a difference in their daily lives.


Build, create and innovate products and services with quality, technology, timelines and optimized costs, aiming at the full satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and its employees.


Become a reference among the most reputable companies in its segment, providing achievements that contribute directly in all aspects, through the execution of projects and solutions tailored to the various needs.


Continuous Improvement – Commitment to innovation through investments in technology and professional qualification for constant improvement of work.


From monday to friday
07h30 / 12h00
13h15 / 17h30
08h00 / 12h00


Rua Professora Aloysia Amparo nº 931
(Lote - 02) – Zona Industrial.
Iporanga, 18087-156 - Sorocaba – SP / Brazil

Contact us

(15) 3218 1382 / 3228 1664
(15) 9 9740 1180
(15) 3228- 2292 / (15) 3228-2416 comercial@correaengenharia.com.br